Name : Mahawitthayalai Ratchaphat

Name in english : Lampang Rajabhat University

Acronym : LPRU

Type : State and Research university / the government university / Public university

Philosophy : “University for Local Development”

Motto : Success with diligent

Vision : Is a creative learning organization for sustainable local development

(An Interlectual Learning Organization for Local Sustainable Development)

Identities : Graduate, volunteering with morality, leading society

Mission :

According to the Rajabhat University Act B.E. 2557, specified in Section 7, the mission of Lampang Rajabhat University is 6 reasons, namely

  • Produce graduates with quality, morality, volunteers, academic skills, information technology professions And communication in English
  • Production and development of teachers and educational personnel To be a good person, a good teacher
  • Research to develop knowledge and innovation Which will lead to sustainable development and solving of local problems
  • Academic services to develop the potential of local communities For the common good To have consciousness in treatment Natural environment And join to carry on the royal projects
  • Preserve art, culture, and local traditions Enhance desirable values ​​while maintaining local knowledge and Thai
  • Develop a management system that is efficient, effective and in line with good governance.

University Flag :

Crimson and green or Scarlet green

[It means courage to use wisdom and the growth of wisdom.]

University flowers :

Viriyen, every Buddhist temple ; Kasalong flower (blossom flower)

[Meaning to pass through suffering with perseverance]

Established : June 9, 1971

Students : 14,999 [2014]

Teachers : 699 [2014]

Location campus :

119 Lampang-Mae Tha Road, Ban Nong Hua Hong, Village No. 9, Chomphu Subdistrict, Mueang District, Lampang Province 52100

Which has 6 faculties which are

  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Human Sciences and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Management Science
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Agricultural Technology
  • Faculty of Industrial Technology

Lampang Rajabhat University provides education at

  • Bachelor
  • Master’s and Master’s degrees
  • Graduate card in education
  • Liberal Arts Program
  • Science Program
  • Business Administration Program
  • Department of Accounting

Having a government department that is equivalent to the faculty Serves to support the educational management of 4 government agencies which are

  • Office of the President
  • Office of Academic Resource and Information Technology Center
  • Office of Arts and Culture
  • Research and Development Institute

Endowment :

1,000 USD/year for Bachelor (citizens)
2,500 USD/year for Master (citizens)

Budget  of living :   $380-693 USD/Month

Phone : (66) 5424 1020, (66) 5423 7399

Fax : (66) 5423 7388

Website : www.lpru.ac.th