Pedagogical Contents

Teaching Methods

The educational approach strategy applied at Anuban Lampang School is STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics), so that the strategy can apply the teaching and learning methods used are PBL (Problem Based Learning). In PBL (Problem Based Learning) method teaching method which is characterized by real problems as a context for students to learn critical thinking and problem solving skills, and gain knowledge and this method will be compared with the PjBL (Project Based Learning) method where this method emphasizes contextual learning through complex activities such as giving freedom for students to explore to plan learning activities, carry out collaborative projects, and ultimately produce a product so that STEM education can be integrated.

But to be able to foster innovative thinking and refer to previous students’ creative activities the teacher will provide some key learning material that can stimulate students to think about the implementation of the material being taught so that in subsequent learning students can think of projects that are appropriate to the learning material at that time so that at the beginning of learning the teacher here will use the expository method in providing key material. That is the reason science is held three times a week, because the first and second meetings will be used as a preliminary presentation of material and the third meeting is used as project learning conducted by students independently or in groups.

Learning Material and Innovation

Learning materials are obtained from textbooks and supported by workbooks. Books as teaching materials have been adapted to STEM education applied. Understanding the material is also supported by various media used by the teacher such as student worksheets. Usually, the teachers at Anuban Lampang School also bring their own media, such as flashcards, story books, news, films and most often use YouTube. Learning innovations in this school are always developed by every student through science exhibitions that are held every year and take part in several competitions. This is the importance of STEM education for me because with STEM education students can be more innovative and creative by requiring the benefits of learning that can be applied in daily life and which need to be developed again.

Sources of Learning and Technology

In addition to learning resources in the form of textbooks and workbooks, some teachers have worksheets and additional sheets made by themselves depending on the topic, using PowerPoint technology, videos, and images displayed on projectors, flash cards, story books and others. But for science in some learning materials students will use simple experiment kits or models such as animal models or skeletons and will look directly at the model being studied.

Authentic Assessment

For assessment, it depends on the skills the teacher wants to get from students. Authentic assessments are collected as follows:

  • Skills assessment related to student activity in class, understanding, evaluation, and application
  • Chapter Assessment (students’ ability to answer quizzes, midterm, final term)