Summary and Suggestion

Purpose of Practicum

Actually for me there are so many goals that I got after joining this program. but there are indeed a number of very important and major goals in this program. As for the goals that I got after completing this program are:

  • To improve English skills. Because English is the only language that I can use to communicate.
  • To improve teaching skills. After completing this program, I learned how to differ between teaching in Indonesia and in Thailand.
  • To learn about new cultures and adjustments
  • To make myself an independent person and more confident
  • Learn the new characteristics of new people
  • Study the new education system

“The Best Teacher is an experience” and I truly believe in that principle. Joining this program was the biggest experience of my life. So I must pursue my dream, with the best possible opportunity. And this is a good opportunity to go to Thailand, to learn different cultural views, different foods, different languages, different speeches and ethics, different curricula, different circumstances, different environments and different educational views. I must be more tolerant. This is just the beginning of a new experience. There will be more obstacles after graduating and entering the actual workplace.

Procedures of Practicum

My practicum procedure follows the terms and conditions that have been announced by the SEATEACHER program to me. There are 4 stages that must be followed, namely:

  1. First week: Observing Teaching of School Teacher Teachers
  2. Week 2: Teaching Practice
  3. Week 3: Teaching and Evaluation Practices
  4. Week 4: Teaching Practice and reflection

I have attended at least 22 hours to teach. My step to improve myself every week is to continue to discuss with many people, especially tutors, they already know and are accustomed to dealing with students with many conditions

From all stages, I have done all the stages. I have learned a lot from the teachers at Anuban Lampang School, how should I become a real teacher in the future. I also felt an improvement in public speaking skills because in the last week, I had to present my final presentation in front of many people. I don’t feel nervous because I usually talk to people during this program. I didn’t even believe in the beginning because usually I would feel very nervous before starting the presentation. I would like to thank all those who delivered and guided me to be able to participate in this program well, especially to SEAMEO for giving me this opportunity.

Outcomes of Practicum

After I finished this program, I got some outcomes that I felt from myself, namely:

  • Better communication skills, especially in English skills
  • Getting more professional teacher skills such as in the education system for Thailand, managing class, developing a variety of methods and ways of thinking to give students the most effective way to deliver lessons
  • More confident and independent
  • Feel a great tolerance for culture here

The Challenge of Practicum

During my teaching at Anuban Lampang School, the biggest challenge during the program was language. Sometimes, during teaching and learning activities, some students still cannot grasp what my explanation is. Since I don’t know how to explain it in Thai, I have to repeat my explanation and try to find the simplest words to make it understandable. I understand very well because I am not a native speaker like with foreign teachers here so sometimes my spelling is bad and they feel it is not suitable for me to interact with each other, so they will ignore me. There are even cases where a student asks me questions that are so “slapped to me” regarding my pronunciation. But I did not give up, if they still could not catch it, I would use body language to express what was in my mind. Sometimes, there will be a misunderstanding because of different perceptions when using English with the teachers. In addition, at the beginning of the week I teach my time management is very bad, the main effect of bad time management is chaotic classes, I spend too much time teaching, so I do not get the most efficient use of time to teach. but as time went by and also with the help of my tutor teacher, I was able to fix that.

Overall Impression

From the deepest of my soul, I want to thank this program because this program helped me realize my dream. This program is very good because student teachers will get a lot of new experiences about teaching in other countries. They can compare the good and bad sides of countries to create a better education in the future. I really felt an improvement in all aspects of my life. I like to stay here for 1 month, I enjoy lessons too. I enjoy the experience of living here, becoming a minority, and getting new challenges!

And for the overall impression, I have no more words that can describe this program besides being Extraordinary!

Thank you very much SEAMEO!

Suggestion for Future Improvement

To be honest, I don’t know about the advice that I have to submit to this program because the program is very good!

If I may give advice, for information related to the stages during the program to be made more detailed to make all participants have the same activities during the program. Sometimes it will be different based on the host school or university.

SEAMEO needs to inform all universities about the more detailed stages to make all participants have the same activities during the program such as teaching hours, school activities and outside school which must be followed. Because after returning and talking about the stages, we have a few different activities during the program.

I think that’s enough for my report. Thank you very much