Teaching Plan


The curriculum they use at Anuban Lampang School is to follow the Thai curriculum as the main curriculum for the academic system there. However, they also added several additional international curricula for some special programs in schools.

The Basic Education curriculum in Thailand aims to develop students to be balanced intellectually, morally and socially. It fosters attitudes and values ​​regarding Thai citizenship while at the same time promoting international or global awareness. It upholds democratic principles and democratic government regimes with the King as Head of State. This equips students with the basic knowledge and basic skills needed to continue their education and career. In this curriculum, knowledge and skills have been grouped into eight fields of study: Thai language, mathematics, science, social studies, career and technology, arts, foreign languages, and health and physical education. Activities that focus on responding to students’ special interests are also included. At the basic level, the curriculum is designed up to but not exceeding 1,000 hours / year. In the general flow of basic education, career and technology related education is offered to school children both at the primary level to provide them with work experience and basic knowledge for career preparation and application of technology.

The objectives of each subject are adjusted based on the general objectives of the Thai curriculum. To find out more about this, here is the link to the Thai curriculum.

Teaching Plan Related to My Major

Based on my observations, so that learning activities can run regularly to meet the objectives of the curriculum, the teacher will make a learning plan. The learning plan is made so that the teacher can prepare all the needs needed for the preparation of teaching so that the teacher has a reference in providing material to students. I found that the lesson plans were all written in English. The learning plan looks quite simple with several aspects in it. These aspects consist of;

  1. Learning Standard and Indicator;
  2. Learning Objectives;
  3. Concept;
  4. Contents;
  5. Capability Goal;
  6. Desirable Characteristics;
  7. Economy / Disaster Sufficiency;
  8. ICT ;
  9. Task / Assignment
  10. Activity Procedure
  11. Teaching Aids / Learning Source
  12. Measurement and Evaluation.

The first and seventh points are points determined from the curriculum and books. The third and fourth points are about the topic or material to be taught, while the teacher must write the lesson objectives or what students must get at the end of the lesson in the second point. The sixth point is about implementing values ​​and characteristics that can be developed for students. The eighth and eleventh points are tools and materials that will be used by the teacher. The ninth point is a task or reflection that can be given to students as a guide or guide for further material. Tenth point is the expectation of learning steps that will take place in class. And the last point is the assessment that will be carried out by the teacher. Actually the teaching plan is not too short and detailed enough to explain the teaching procedure. This is because the instructor’s steps contain only the most important things that can be used as directions in the learning process such as giving stimuli to students by asking questions to students, interacting and giving assessments that will be given to students.

Below is an example of a Learning Plan that I have created.