Behind the scenes of School activities

Daily during my school teaching Anuban Lampang School , I do not only focus on teaching or learning process but here I also observed social interactions that occur and activities outside the classroom. I also try to familiarize myself with my students outside the class.

While observing the school, let’s take a picture first – one of the buildings in the Anuban Lampang school
Very funny! They are very serious about doing worksheets
My morning activity
Time for a break!
hehehe … wefie! – all of my students
I’m really touched! Teacher Marco took some instant photos for us
Wefies again! After my teaching assistant session
Show your photo style! my last day teaching :”)
This is really their break time! Glad to see them play, and sometimes they invite me to play the game
Say hello to 4th grade Mini English Program 2 !
Say hello to 4th grade Mini English Program 1 !