Teaching Practice

Observation on Teacher

On August 21, 2019 was the first day of my arrival at Anuban Lampang School before we did teaching practice, I along with my other colleagues, were first introduced to the general information the school had that we had to know such as the curriculum and teaching system in Thailand in general by Dr. Bangorn Roikrong who is the principal of the Mini English Program curriculum along with Mrs. Cattareeya Lukmun who is the Deputy Director of the Academic Department in the academic department room.

After that we headed to the MEP teacher’s room and were introduced to our tutor. I was placed in grade 4. In the Mini English Program (MEP) there were 2 classes for grade 4, namely grade 4 MEP 1 and grade 4 MEP 2. I was also introduced to the class teacher in each of the 4 classes. As I have said that in every class there are 2 teachers, namely Thai teachers and foreign teachers. For grade 4 MEP 1, a class teacher who is a Thai teacher named Mrs. Thanyapat Moonfoo called by the name Khrū Mai and a foreign teacher named Mr. Relvin Jay Galera called by the name of Teacher Vin. Teacher Vin, he is my tutor. In grade 4, Teacher Vin teaches Science, English and ECD. For grade 4 MEP 2 who became a Thai teacher named Mrs. Natnicha Sakdechokun who was called by the name Khrū Koi and a foreign teacher named Mr. Romar Asares Meguiso who is called by the name of Teacher Romar. At level 4, Romar’s teacher teaches Arts, Mathematics and Health.

After brief introductions were done, Dr. Bangorn handed us to each of our tutors. My tutor teacher – Teacher Vin explained briefly but in detail related to the teaching system at grade 4, especially on science subjects because I will teach science. Teacher Vin also gave an example of a lesson plan document and explained the components contained therein, then the teacher also explained the condition of the students he taught both inside and outside the classroom as well as the student’s attitude in each lesson, and of course the class situation during this semester and the material to be taught during 1 semester ahead and what I will teach 1 month ahead. Finally, Teacher Vin provided the Science Curriculum Book that was used as well as the teaching material used and explained in details its use.

On August 22, 2019, in the morning, before I began my observation activities Dr. Bangorn took us around and introduced us attendance system that all teachers and staff do in the morning including we will also attend presence in accordance with the books that have been provided for us. Dr. Bangorn also introduced us to each department, along with the heads of departments and all staff. After that I can return to my class. My class, grade 4 is located on the 3rd floor of a Mini English Program building. I started my observation activities, the observations that I did initially saw the condition of students while learning and the class situation when the learning and teaching atmosphere was taking place. To get the information I need, I made observations in the two classes that I was going to teach and in some subjects it was not only science to get reflections in managing the classroom atmosphere. The subjects I observed were in English, mathematics, ECD and not only in subjects that used English but also used Thai such as music and history.

The next observation I did on the next day was on August 23, 2019 at observation this time I started my observation activities by looking at the condition of students while outside the classroom so I did this in order to better understand the development of my students. The observations I made during the ceremony took place, lunch hour, rest time, time for lesson change. Of course I do not forget to keep doing observations in class on the subjects I will teach, namely on science subjects. I see in science subjects compared to other subjects it is more difficult to attract the attention of students so that my tutor teacher – teacher Vin applies many methods for each meeting or teaching. For science subjects with very exact material, teachers must be able to arouse students’ interest and curiosity so students can understand and implement science for daily life, so often teachers really prepare real learning materials that can be presented to their students.

After observing the class, I gained a lot of experience, including:

• The teacher has to prepare all the things we need in the teaching process in a regular way both in the form of material with their own methods, strategies and media used. Moreover, when teachers bring their own media for teach in the classroom. Teachers should check the infrastructure that will be used in the media such as projector, TV or LCD and microphone.

• Teaching students not only about knowledge but also about behavior or attitudes

• Every student has different understanding abilities about the lesson so that as a teacher, we should pay more attention to children, so that they can better understand what we do to them, and to apply it later on in our daily lives, including how to socialize.

Procedures of Teaching

Oh my god! I can’t imagine this day would come! On August 26, 2019 I began to assist my tutor in teaching, although it can be said that I had not yet fully held the class because this week I was still assisted by my tutor in managing the class. Previously, I would show my teaching schedule for 1 month at Anuban Lampang School.

This week’s lesson is in chapter 3 about animals, but because I came here at the semester intersection for chapter 3 about animals and they have learned half of the remaining 1 sub-chapter is about Vertebrata that they have not yet learned. This is a very stressful thing but still challenging for me. Because for me it is not an easy thing to start the beginning of learning as a new teacher in the middle of a lesson, it feels like taking candy from a small child by lying to it. For that reason, I really feel this is the first challenge for me, how can I bring a new and refreshing learning atmosphere for students according to my teaching style but can still dilute the atmosphere as they normally do learning. So in the first week of teaching, I followed the steps of how my tutor-Teacher Vin in managing the class, I tried to convince them to learn and know the benefits of learning. I also continue to apply the teaching system that applies here by separating learning activities into 3 parts, namely the Spelling section, Study Section, training section. The spelling section is the part where students are taught by spelling whatever words in English they are learning on the subject. That is why students are also given vocabulary assignments and in the written board they will be given 10 vocabulary words used on that day. The study part is where students get learning material, discussions and experimental activities especially for science. In this section I apply the question and answer discussion method to deliver learning material or this method is better known as the Oriented Dialogue, I use many types of questions and students will answer with a variety of answers and that I use to explain more about the material, depending on the material, the more difficult the material I teach I use this discussion method to solve problems and sometimes I form groups for students. The exercise part is for students to take a number of questions to solve some of the problems associated with the day’s lessons.

The way I teach at the beginning of the week can still be said to proceed as my tutor did, but on the second week I did improvisation by adding my teaching style method but for the structure of the learning activities I still followed it but with my style. As in the spelling section, I named them “important words” while previously they used “vocabulary words” and in the study section for several meetings I used a combination of discussion methods and played a role to conduct “science is fun” activities.

For the learning process I do as usual learning activities, I start the lesson by asking all students to stand up and say hello so students are ready to accept the lesson. Before explaining the topic, I discussed some rules when studying in class, so students could be more serious and pay attention to the material I was going to teach. Next I will give an introduction to the material or topic and I always slip a few examples related to the material and explain the assignment to students and we discuss it with students. In addition, I always provide several media such as images, songs, and others. While in my teaching activities, Teacher Vin always accompanied me, and watched my teaching process, and after the teaching process he gave me some feedback. In the learning process, students are very excited in the learning process. The learning process is very interactive. when I give students some exercises, they are always enthusiastic and serious about doing it, and it makes my teaching practice in grades 4 MEP 1 & 2 go well.

Time Management and Organizing Activities

The time allocated for one period of each subject is about one hour and there are 4 periods for science lessons, because I have 2 classes, I have 8 periods per week to teach. I started teaching in the second week. For me it was a short amount of time. The teachers said they shortened to avoid boredom of students. I think, I agree with this statement, because when students get bored with the lesson, they will not pay attention to the teacher. It’s better to have a short time but they can learn a lot from the lesson. For such a short time management, I am still trying to learn and do my best about it. I already mentioned that we have 3 parts for 1 Science meeting. The time division for each meeting is as follows.

  • Opening (10 minutes) – This is the time to make students ready to learn science lessons by greeting the teacher.
  • During the lesson (35 minutes) – This is the time where I give an explanation of the material by discussing together with all students in the class.
  • After the lesson (5 minutes) – Closing time where calculates the total score and rewards all students. Finally, I ask students about the material to measure their understanding of the topic.

However, I know that there are always challenges, including managing this time. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to control students. Especially after lunch, they will feel sleepy and lazy to learn. That’s why I tried to find a way to get them to regain their attention and concentration. Songs and games are the best way. But I still need to use a microphone when teaching because my voice cannot be heard clearly without it.

Problem Solving

During my teaching at Anuban Lampang School, actually I did not have any serious problems during the learning process and that was quite strange for me. But the only problem that was enough to keep me struggling and innovating in the teaching method was the excessive student activity. Actually I am very happy with their activity but their activity sometimes tends to lose control and make me a little overwhelmed. I have to make my voice louder to get their attention. Sometimes students will pay attention easily if I show something interesting but only for a split second. If those methods don’t silence them, I will bully them by saying they give them punishment. Some of them will be very quiet during class. They become quiet because they don’t want to be punished, not because they want to focus on learning. Maybe it’s a problem that usually occurs when I’m teaching.

The solution to the problem that I usually do is to break the ice by asking quiet people to answer my question to find out whether they understand the lesson or not or sometimes suddenly I will invite them to do role playing but still in the context of the material that I teach.

Classroom Management

As I said before, my students are overactive students so to manage the class for me is not an easy challenge. In the first week, I teach Teacher Vin will always accompany me and help in controlling the class, but I think if I continue to be helped I will not get along and my students will never get used to me so in the second week I teach, Teacher Vin gives full authority in managing the class when science lessons and the Thai teachers also understand the situation sometimes giving me more opportunities – apart from when science lessons to get closer or interact more frequently with my students. Student behavior towards me eventually changes to be more familiar with me often as time passes.

In managing the class I was trained by teachers here to get their full attention when I teach I must be able to find more interesting material to make them pay attention to the lesson. For example, show them narrative stories through videos, songs and invite to create through images or sometimes I will use models and experiment kits. I was also told a lot of knowledge in classroom management by the teachers here. As for things that can be done such as class rules on mutual agreement, seating arrangements every week, procedures for talking to students to attract attention, provide intrusion, management provide feedback both individual students and for the whole class, providing assignments, and setting deadlines in order to overcoming students’ saturated times and organizing groups for play, and role playing.